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At the core of SigmaStream's automation offering is a strategy that uses a mix of physics based models and data driven algorithms to accomplish various degrees of automation.  SigmaStream has partnered with Electroproject, a subsidiary of ENGIE Services, and a global leader in electric drive systems, emergency power solutions and controls, under the banner of Akara Technologies-FZE.  Akara's Banyan Automation platform is a unique blend of a mature data platform and advanced AI and Machine Learning algorithms developed by SigmaStream and Electroproject’s proven controls technology.  Customers have a choice to automate at the component, function or system-wide level and deploy either an advisory or a closed-loop system.

SigmaStream has identified and is methodically automating a number of areas within drilling.  Customers can choose to deploy one or multiple algorithms knowing that the interface and access puts them firmly in control.



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